Dear SRRC guests and friends,

On behalf of the entire team at SRRC, we want to take a moment to say THANK YOU again for your continuous preference and support. As you know, COVID is still making its way through society. Please know, our offices, meeting rooms and Casas are repeatedly being disinfected.
Please be cognizant of all surfaces in the restrooms. Kindly use good common sense, hygiene and judgement when using the restrooms.
 Disinfectant Dispensers
Disinfectant dispensers have been added throughout the buildings. If you find that a dispenser is empty, please let Hospitality or Guest Services know.
 Masks and Face Coverings
Masks are no longer required.  If you want to continue to wear a mask you are welcome to do so.  Please know, masks are optional regardless of COVID shot status. If you need a mask, please contact Guest Services and one will be provided.
Regular Touchpoints
Frequent touchpoints are objects such as doorknobs, light switches, keypads, etc.  Please be mindful of these touchpoints as you move throughout the Retreat Center.  Instead of using your hands to turn a light switch off, use your arm, shirtsleeve or leave the light on. When a door can be left open, leave it open.  If you need to shut a door, push the door closed with your shoulder or again, use your shirt sleeve to open or shut the door as necessary.
Remember, COVID is alive and active so please continue to be vigilant and continue to be cautious. Be safe and be well. Thank you for your continued support. We hope to see you again soon.   
Bertha deBastiani
Saint Raphael Retreat Center
214-943-6585 Ext 105