Holy Spirit Casa 1

Courtesy: Southern Gateway Public Green Foundation
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Thank You! 

Special Thanks to the following groups and individuals whose generous donations of time, talent, and treasure made the renovation of Casa 1 possible.

Holy Spirit Catholic Church
Rev. Joe Lee

Holy Spirit Catholic Daughters of the Americas Court #2468
Kathy and Ronnie Anderson
John and Michelle Bosworth
Al and Jackie Evans
Debbie and Chris Gleason
Dan and Pat Murphy
Charlie and Kathy Ruelas
Larry and Sheila Balagna
Mary Ellen Bradshaw
Lyndora and Manuel Castro
Sandra and Fred Ciarochi
Roy and Frances Cormier
Paula Diaz
Roberto Diaz
David Dybala
Anita Erdman
John and Bonnie Espree
Marc and Gilda Evans
Angela Gonzalez
Cynthia and John Herndon
Miriam Herndon
Delane Jacquin
Scott and Mary Jorgensen
Roberto and Mimi Luna
Jim and Lori Kurowski
Jose Montoya
Blanca Patlan
Ken Rarick
Caesar and Paula Ricci
Ray Rivera
Eva K. Rogowski
Jorge Ruiz
Frank L. Salazar
James and Judy Smith
Ken and Diane Struck
Jane Witt
Leonardo Zapata
Daniel and Rebecca Basquez
Members of the ACTS Dallas Chapter 2017